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Participation in behind-the-wheel instruction does not guarantee that any student will pass the state
examination or secure a driver's license.


Prerequisites for behind-the-wheel, students under 19 years of age

  • Valid VA learner's permit
  • DEC-1 Course Completion Card obtained from the school at which you completed the classroom instruction

Students under 19 years of age

  • 14 - 50 minute sessions
    • 7 sessions of behind-the-wheel
    • 7 sessions of observation
  • Each student will meet with the instructor seven times: each meeting will consist of both a driving session and an observation session (one hundred minutes per meeting)
    • During the driving session of the final meeting, the student will be administered the VA state road skills test
      • If the student passes the road skills test he/she will receive a certificate of completion necessary for state licensure
  • $240 (see Payment Options for more information)
  • Martin's Driving School, LLC is also available as a mentor driver to assist drivers in completing the 45-hour driving log required for licensure (see "Licensure Requirements" below)
    •  $40/hour

Students 19 and older

  • in lieu of completing classroom instruction, student may hold a valid VA learner's permit for 30 days at which point he/she is eligible to take the DMV road skills test administered by the DMV
  • if a student fails the DMV road skills test three times, he/she must take behind-the-wheel / in-vehicle training from a state certified driver training school such as Martin's Driving School, LLC (see "Students under 19 years of age" above)
  • Martin's Driving School, LLC is also available to provide drivers 19 and older with training and driving experience by the hour prior to going to the DMV to take his/her road skills test
    • $40/hour
Licensure Requirements (Under 19 Years Of Age)
  • Valid VA learner's permit held for 9 months
    • driver must be a minimum of 15 years 6 months old to obtain a learner's permit
  • 45-hour driving log
  • DEC-1 Course Completion Card
    • fulfillment of 36 periods of classroom instruction, each period consisting of 50 minutes
  • Behind-the-wheel instruction provided by a state certified Driver Training program


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